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    Lost session variables

      Hello Friends!

      We recently upgraded to CFMX 7. We noticed that session variables get lost when you transfer control using cflocaiton, href or similar. We decided to put locks around all the session varialbes and things seemed to be fine for a few weeks. Now it has come back. The session variables are set when theuser logs in and are lost when you click on the links on the page. the only thing that we have not fully implemented is the locks. We are in the process of putting cflock around all session variables. Is it possible that the variables are getting lost because there are no locks at some places where they are created? What is the best way of making sure that the variables do not get lost?

      Here is how we are setting these variables.

      Upon successful login
      - A structure by name request.user gets created with session scope
      - All user related info is stored in the request.user

      When a user click on name of a contract he/she is interested in
      - A structure by name request.rfp gets created with session scope
      - All info related to the contract are stored in this structure.

      Can someone please help me? I am sure at least one person might have faced the problem.