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    Can't get simple Flash document to post to web site.

    zlloyd Level 1

      I have created a simple page in Flash CS4 for my class and for some reason when I go to publish the page online all I get is an empty page colored blue (background) but neither the title or any of the graphics or images on the page show up, it is kjust a blank blue page on the web browser. I really need an explanation for this  so that I do not fail the project. Please help!!


      This is the link to the page I am getting and if you can please view the source code and tell me what in the world is wrong:

      http://zlloyd1.com/MachoaNorfolkHistory.html I know it is something to do with the paths to the image files but they are all present in my online images folder and I do not know how to modify the HTML file created when you publish a Flash document. I do have some experience with HTML coding but this is not something I recognize. I will await your reply!!


      Zachariah A Lloyd