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    quick move to Premiere Pro CS5 and all is well...

    P_Forrest Level 1

      Hey gang,


      Buying a new computer for my music and hobby video-editing has been a long month of madness.  I also bought the Production Premium CS-5 upgrade from Photoshop CS-2.  I also bought PE9 (had 8, 7, etc...) because I wasn't ready to jump to Premiere Pro CS5 quite yet with a lot on the go.  However, I had some crashes and glitches today in PE9 (I have an Intel i7, 12 GIGs, etc...  video card for premiere pro, etc..) and I had to try something else. 


      Anyway, I bought those books that Hunt recommended for Premiere Pro and After Effects.  I didn't have time much to go through them yet, and I needed to get my Christmas video done for the German ukulele group's advent calendar.


      I just want to say that using PE for a few years makes the transition to Pro a lot easier.  I could get my video done today in 4 hours from never using Premiere Pro before.   Yeah, I had to look up some stuff in the books but it's a very similar program in many ways.


      The only thing I found daunting in Premiere Pro is the workspace with so many dockable items... it's truly daunting and learning how to arrange it is tricky.


      The program is rock solid on my machine (cross my fingers so far), and I like how the titler works.   But as I learned from Steve's books... you can duplicate the titles.  Grazie!


      I just want to say that all time invested in Premiere Elements is money in the bank for learning to use Premiere Pro.


      It's all good!