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    Topic Design/Structure = Speed of updating content in project

      1. Yes, we do incorporate screen captures in our topics, and I have streamlined as much as I can, stripping out all duplicates and linking to the source.

      2. I do realize that by use of the pop-up images, which I use a lot, it does impact the speed simply by virtue of the image size.

      3. MY question is this: I was hired to maintain a system that already exists and have taught myself a lot of streamlining features but am sure there are others I'm not aware of. I was just wondering if maybe there was a better design structure I could apply to improve the efficiency of the topics. Here is our current structure:

      1 Main project under which all other projects (CHM) are linked as Merged Topics.
      300+ Topics - each one creating a separate CHM that is then merged into the main project
      Some of these individual topics are quite large (we have 1 topic per screen/feature). I have broken out as much as I can into common topics and link to those rather than repeating information; but even with that, I still have some huge ones such as the one I'm working today.

      It is taking like 1 minute at times from clicking "Insert hyperlink" till I get the dialog to select the bookmark and several minutes just for the topic to open or compile.

      I've come across terms such as "Page" "Topic" "Book" "Pane" etc, and was just wondering if maybe we need to tweak our underlying structure to improve in this area. Any suggestions?

      Thanks a heap!