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    Adobe Reader X - moving toolbars (toolbar customization)


      In Reader 9, I can customerize the position of the toolbars.


      Anyone know how to do this in Reader X?

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          George_Johnson MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Not possible, the toolbars are fixed in place.

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            @ Adobe.

            Please add toolbar customization, like in v7.

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              MichaelKazlow MVP & Adobe Community Professional

              This is a user forum. If you want to cast your vote on how you wish Reader to act, then you need to cast your vote where Adobe counts such things:



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                It appears that customization of the toolbars is excruciatingly limited with X.


                I know it won't do any good to vent here, but I think you would agree that Adobe needs to restore the previously customized toolbars!!  Trust me, I have voiced my concerns in the appropriate location, but I hope others will do likewise.


                I was completely shocked to update to reader X and go back 15 years in toolbar design.


                Toolbars should not be static.  Menus..maybe...Toolbars...no way!

                Toolbars should be customizable.

                Sections of toolbars should be able to float together.

                Users should not have to use a drop down menu because the tool they want to use is too far to the right to fit onto their single line toolbar.  At least give us the ability to prioritize which icons show up first if we are force to only have one line for a toolbar.

                Users should be able to set up a whole toolbar in one pass, and not have to click "View > Show/Hide > Toolbars > Feature" for each feature they wish to add or delete from the toolbar.

                "Take Snapshot" is by far one of the most useful tools Reader has, but it got relegated to priority #99?..and thus has to be accessed via drop down if I want other operations on the toolbar as well?

                That goes for Rotate - I'm in design & construction.  Half the time non-computer literate office staffer who prints to PDF prints them upside-down or sideways.  Lucky for me Rotate functions get priority #s 94 & 95, and thus are likewise relegated to the drop down.

                Why do "Comment" and "Share" take up so much real-estate?  I have limited need for these options on the toolbar!


                Also, we should not have to rebuild our toolbars with every single released version of software.


                What a terrible feature (lack of feature) in this release.  Adobe should X Adobe Reader X.