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    Symbol with class in CS3 <-> Flex Builder


      i have the following situation. I have an actionscript project in flex builder and i have a .fla in CS 3. In the CS fla i have created a symbol with a class called HotSpot. Within that symbol, i have a movieclip called "bg". In my actionscript project in felx builder i am loading the resulting swf from my CS 3 fla and i am also referring to the HotSpot symbol.

      My first problem when compiling with CS 3 was, that when i declared "bg" in my HotSpot class, CS 3 was complaining, that "bg" already existed, so i directly referred to bg in my HotSpot class, without declaring it, and CS 3 was happy. But as you can imagine, Flex Builder is not happy, it tells me, "bg" is not declared and therefor i cannot access it.

      Now, what shall i do? If i declare it, Flash CS 3 complains, if i don't, Flex Builder complains. ???

      Thank you and cheers
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          ghost2345 Level 1
          ok, i found the solution by myself. It has something to do with the "Automatically declare stage instances" feature in Flash CS3. If you want to work with the same classes between Flex Builder and Flash CS 3, you have to turn that feature off, because Flex Builder, of course, doesn't know anything about the implicitly declared instances from Flash CS 3.