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    Ignored preferences

    D523121 Lhsdv Level 1

      I hate the single page display mode for this reason I have set in the preferences to use the single page continuos mode but it is always ignored!

      I have also set the zoom to 100% but adobe reader open always the document as it like and ignore my preferences!

      This is really a very annoying behavior!

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          MichaelKazlow MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          The creator of the pdf sets up the default on how the pdf file opens.

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            D523121 Lhsdv Level 1

            Ah ah this is really crap, why I can set preferences if they are ignored?

            Who is the creator of the pdf to decide how I have to read it?

            It could be that I have some handycaps and the preference should facilitate me to access and read the documents.

            Moreover I can always change it after I have open the pdf, so why don't use my preferences from the beginning?

            This is the most stupid thing ever seen, I think they pay somebody thousand of dollars to take such stupid decisions, well done!

            A suggestion for the genius, who take such brilliant decisions, in the next release remove the preferences because they are useless, at least intelligent people won't lose their time wondering why they are ignored.