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    Display SQL results in flash


      Hi all,


      Can anyone tell me how I would go about setting up flash to display results returned by a SQL query one at a time.  I can work out the query and PHP, but want I want to know is how to make flash take each one and animate it, including pausing and clearing the screen when full, then continuing on a 'new' screen.  It's basically for displaying a list of events in a database.


      So, looking at the movie in action, you would see


      Blank screen

      Event 1 (pause)

      Event 2 (pause)

      Event 3 (pause)


      (pause and fade out)


      New screen

      Event 4

      Event 5

      Event 6


      ...and so on until all the results had been displayed.


      Any help much appreciated.  In fact, it may be that actually what I need is help as to how to achieve this returning from xml.  It's really the actionscript I'm lost on.




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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          If you don't have a handle on managing dynamic content in Flash, then for the time being you should focus on resolving just that aspect and save integrating the sql/php/xml afterwards.  For now just creat an array of stufff that you want to process in the manner you desire and work it from there.  Eventually, that's what you end up with when you feed the file the data anyways.


          As far as the pausing and animating aspects go, your best bet will be to search Google for a tutorial regarding maybe a slideshow or marquee that runs automatically.  Figure out how it works and then figure out how to turn it into something that suits your needs.


          The basic tools you'll be after will be the Tween class for animating and the Timer class for triggering pausing/motion, along with their respective event listeners.  If you can find simple tutorials just for those two things separately, you might be able to reason out the merger for what you're after.