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    Newbie: Trying to import from an old camcorder DVD

    Alastair Mac



      Bit of a vague question but hope someone can help.


      I have been given a DVD+RW which was taken directly out of an old (>3yrs) home camcorder.


      - When I put the DVD into my home DVD player (the standard gadget connected to the telly), it works fine: there are around 20 short sequences which run one after the other (there is no DVD treatment added, i.e. no menus no music no navigation) - it is just like a VERY old tape camcorder would be, with a handful of contiguous scenes.


      - When I put the DVD into my computer and try to import into PPro CS5, only the first very short sequence imports.


      - From what I can tell, there are two folders in the root directory of the DVD. One is either empty, or only contains files which are not considered "compatible media" by PPro (so they don't appear for import), the other directly has a single file which is around 275Mb so I believe it contains ALL the video I have referred to above, however PPro only appears to import the first bit.


      Any thoughts?


      On a related but more general point, if I want to import a "normal" DVD - i.e. a film on a purchased DVD, or some corporate internal DVD films I have in the drawer - are there any special tricks, do I need any other hardware, or is it again just a case of importing from the import menu?


      Thank you,