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    A few feature requests...




      I've been using Adobe Audition Beta for about two weeks by now. I really love the application, I used to be Cool Edit fan in the distant past, before I switched both the studio and our label to Macs completely. I've tried many apps on Mac: DSP Quattro, Bias Peak and recently Wavelab Elements 7, but nothing comes close to elegance and functionality of Audition. I love the GUI (Wavelab's GUI looks..., well, let's just say it looks ugly in comparison) and the way plugins are handled and applied is top notch, in my humble opinion.


      I edited and mastered two albums with Audition (using plugins from PSP Audioware and Voxengo) recently and I have a few feature requests:


      1. It would be great to have not only peak levels shown on the meters but also RMS levels (on the same meters, like two more bars in different colour)


      2. CD importing is easy in OSX, as you've mentioned somewhere else in this forum, but for me, basic CD burning is a must. I mean the ability to assemble several WAV files together, to play them in sequence, to set pauses between them (the app should insert 2 sec pauses by default), to insert ISRC codes and then: to burn the CD in DAO mode or to make a disk image (DMG) or to create a DDP file for pressing plant. I am all into digital distribution but I think me and many others are still releasing music on CDs. This is a required functionality for audio editing app, especially that not every third party burning app can burn audio CDs in Disk-At-Once (DAO) mode.





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          _durin_ Adobe Employee

          Thanks for the feedback.  Comprehensive metering is something most of us would like to see in the future.  I'll add your comments to the feature(s) in the database.  As for CD Burning, we're exploring solutions but it is not a feature that is going to make it into this release.  What burning applications do you currently use and why did you choose those over others?

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            Synthdance Level 1



            Thanks for your kind answer. I am glad that better metering (i.e. RMS metering) is being taken under consideration. As for CD masters burning, I'm currently using DSP Quattro (version 3.5.1). It does have a proper tracks playlist feature, proper handling of pauses and indexes, it supports ISRC codes and UPC/EAN code insertion and it burns CDs in DAO (Disk-At-Once) mode. The same goes for Wavelab Elements 7 for Mac (which I have, but do not use at the moment), it also has this functionality.


            Thing is, I would like to switch to Audition completely, once it is released. I don't want to use ANOTHER audio editor just for burning the CD masters for pressing plant. More elegant solution would be to do it all in one app, hence my request for CD burning in Audition. Anyway, I will be keeping my fingers crossed for this function to be included in future versions of Audition for Mac.


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