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    Handling POSIX signals in AIR


      Is there any way to handle signals on POSIX platforms in AIR? I'm developing a kiosk application with AS3 for AIR that will run on Linux and some features would be easier to do if I could handle the signals from the OS (-HUP, -INT, etc).


      If not, is there any other way to listen for events from other applications or the OS. Like for example send a signal to AIR app to reload configuration after it's been updated.

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          Stefan Craciun Employee Moderator

          How about using a native process as a bridge to your AIR application ? You can implement stub handlers in your native process just to send messages to the AIR application. The fact that you need to signal the spawned process instead of your AIR application may be of course a drawback, depending on your implementation. As for the interface with other applications, the first thing that comes to my mind is using sockets.