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    recording track delayed


      I am using  Mac OS X Ver. 10.6.5 and Shure X2u USB Signal Adapter.  My problem is that when I playback my recordings, there's always some obvious delays (e.g. my voice doesn't match the song and becomes a bit slower).  Does anyone experience the same problem?

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          I have.  It happens to me when I am laying down additional tracks for any song that I am in.  It gets to the point where I can't use the software monitor for the instrument that I am in the process of recording.


          It is very annoying to say the least..

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            _durin_ Adobe Employee

            When monitoring through software, there will always be latency of some amount.  You can minimize this delay by adjusting the I/O Buffer Size parameter under Preferences > Audio Hardware.  If it's set too low, you may experience crackling playback or dropped samples, so you may need to try a few settings before finding a blanace between low latency and high quality playback.


            If you are using several CPU-intensive effects, you can "freeze" the track (basically, it performs a dynamic background render of the track and updates this render if you adjust parameters) by selecting the FX track panel view and clicking the "Pre-render Track" button which has a small lightning bolt on it.  This button is also available in the mixer.