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    Adobe Camera Raw and  PSE 9


      I was watching a tutorial today on using ACR and noticed that the version the narrator was using had many more Icons than the version I am using (6.2) in PSE 9. For instance , he had icons for toning, vignetting and several others that I don't see when opening a RAW image in PSE 9. Does anyone know why I'm not getting all the available actions?

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          stewch Level 1

          The version of ACR that ships with PSE is a de-featured subset of the full ACR. It does not have features like adjustment brushes, automatic lens correction, etc that you probably saw demonstrated in the video.  The only way to get those features is via full-featured Photoshop (not Elements); Mac PSE 8 or earlier; or equivalent functionality in a different interface, Lightroom.


          Too bad, huh? But no, your PSE installation is probably fine.

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            ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            The ACR version is identical between Photoshop and Elements, in fact you can copy it from a Photoshop installation to an Elements installation; however, the plug-in knows what the host program is and only reveals a small subset of features when it is used in Elements.  The full set of adjustments are available in Photoshop, which costs 6 times as much, and also in Lightroom, which costs 3 times as much.

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              Yes.  I used PSE8 for a while before upgrading to Photoshop CS5.  Scott Kelby points out in his book on PSE8 for digital photographers that PSE8 for the Mac includes the full ACR as well as Bridge.  IMNSHO, Bridge is a much nicer and more efficient app than PSE's Organizer, and I do prefer having the full ACR.  If Adobe includes these features in Mac PSE, why not Windows?  Fortunately I can buy Photoshop at an educational discount, but it's still two or three times the price of PSE.


              You mention PSE8 or earlier (Mac) as including the full ACR.  Has this changed with PSE9?

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                Physteris Level 1

                Thanks for the information regarding ACR. I have used PSE through the years

                and recently upgraded from PSE 7 to 9 for windows. Neither version had the

                full ACR version but I did not realize that until I saw the full version

                being used in a tutorial. Lightroom 3 also has the full version. Bummer!



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                  jeep57 Level 2

                  Photoshop elements 8 extended.




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                    twokatmew Level 1

                    I didn't know there was a PSE Extended 8.  Is this like PSE 9 Plus?  In the product comparison for PSE 9 and Plus, Adobe doesn't say anything about ACR at all.  It does say Plus gives you 20GB of online storage and extra templates.  It sure would be nice if they provided more detail on exactly what's included in the product.

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                      twokatmew wrote:


                      …PSE8 for the Mac includes the full ACR as well as Bridge…


                      That's only when Bridge hosts ACR—probably an Adobe oversight.  If you run Camera Raw hosted by PsE 8 for the Mac, you get the emasculated version.


                      In PsE 9 for the Mac, you no longer get the full version, only the emasculated one.  Adobe bean counters got wise. 




                      Wo Tai Lao Le