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    Dynamic Link Cycle




      I am working in a Project, containing Sony XDCAM EX 1080p (25) HQ Material and i got a problem using the Dynamic Link to AE

      What I have/ have done


      1. Premiere Sequence A

      2. Premiere Sequence B, with a nested Sequence A

      3. via right-click "replace blabla.." got Sequence B into After Effects.

      4. Done Colorgrading and some FX, creating Comp A

      5. Importing Comp A back to my Premiere Project File


      I can import the comp, and i can view in my source monitor. But I cant drag in onto the timeline. I also tried using a clean test project, without the originally nested and than dynamic linked files. But also in a new project the imported comp cant be put on the timeline. I got a closed hand symbol with the round forbidden sign.


      I could have understand, if this dynamic link cylce would havent worked at all. But this seems wrong to me. Anyone with the same problem or a solution?




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          Todd_Kopriva Level 8

          You're over-complicating things. If you use Dynamic Link, you don't need to use two separate steps---one to move to After Effects and one to move things back. You just need one of those steps.In other words, you don't need your step 5.


          So, if you're doing color correction work in After Effects, you send a sequence to After Effects using Replace With After Effects composition, you do your work in After Effects on that composition, and then those changes just show up in Premiere Pro.

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            Grunwalski Level 1

            Thanks for your answer. For a moment I thought you got me. But I have forgotten something to explain. As well, as i totally forgot about that.

            The Sequence I am working in contains a Multicam Sequence, and this seems not to work very well. AE aborts the import progress, leaving only the first two, non multicam clips, in my AE Project, but no Element in the Timeline.

            So I copy&pasted the Clips from the Premiere Timeline into a new AE comp and now need to bring back this comp to premiere. But...as I am writing this, maybe I just create a empty, linked comp and insert the clips there. I'm not at my editing bay right now. I will try this.


            thanks a again and a nice sunday.


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              Jim_Simon Level 8

              Assuming you have the original clips in Sequence A, just do a "Replace" on those for individual CC work in AE.  Those changes will show up in Premiere, and follow through to the multicam Sequence B.

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                Grunwalski Level 1

                Sry guys, was a few days off. But Thanks for your answers.


                But I just tried it again. And it won't work. Even replacing a single Multicamclip creates an import error in Premiere. Export to AE works, but the linked comp in Premiere won't appear. Not to talk of the attempt to replace a whole sequence with multicamclips


                Is there a way, to "unfold" a Multicam Sequence into the selected Clips in it? That would help. I've got 4 more clips of this kind, and the workaround via a rendered uncomrpressed Video from AE back to Premiere kinda sucks.



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                  davidbeisner2010 Level 3

                  I think what Jim was suggesting you do is to individually CC your cameras (sequence A) in AE, then they'll

                  automatically update in Sequence B (multicam)

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                    Jim_Simon Level 8
                    Even replacing a single Multicamclip


                    You don't do that.  You do a "Replace..." on the ORIGINAL clips, once for each camera angle.  THOSE changes will show up in Premiere, and follow through to your multicam edit.