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    Having to render again and again


      Project created by granddaughter is only 5 minutes long. Has only titles and video, no transitions yet. No photos are used. If project is rendered, saved, closed and reopened, the timeline indicates it needs rendering again (red line above.) Each render takes about the same amount of time. Have already delected parts of the project in an attempt to possibly eliminate areas that might cause such, no luck. Have 100 gb free space for scrach files. Have worked with much larger projects on this computer with no problem. However, this is a new load of PE9 and a new load of Windows 7. I have not worked with other projects on this computer since these two changes were made.


      She is under a tight timeline, so any suggestions very much welcome.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Making sure she has the latest version  of Quicktime may help.


          Although for some reason the program won't save all renders, and you do have to re-render some parts every time you open the project.


          Please make Adobe aware if you're unhappy about this.

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            RedSanders Level 1

            Ok Steve.  Will check for Quicktime updates.  And, if I understand what you are saying that even if a change is not made to a project that has been rendered, when it is reopened, the same areas will have to be rendered again.  This creates a very slow work rate since the render time for even this small project is 6 to 10 mintues.  Am I correctly understanding you before I send anything to Adobe?

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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              That's right.


              I'm seeing enough people complain about it on this forum and on the forum at Premiere Elements support site http://Muvipix.com -- And I'm seeing it too!! -- that's it's well worth us all sending Adobe bug reports on it.

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                Ted Smith Level 3

                Normally I dont see any rendering lines until I add an effect such as a wipe transition between screnes.

                If I render only that portion of the timeline it stays rendered when I reopen it on my machine the next day.

                It only needs re-rendering again if I change the edit.


                Maybe you have not imported the media to the correct compatible project settings and PE9 is trying to convert it all the time?

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9



                  That is the way that it is supposed to work, and normally does.


                  As Steve mentions, there are so many, who "loose" their Rendered file links, that it does seem that there is a Bug. This holds for PrPro CS4 & CS5 too. Initially, we thought that it might be something like the use of external HDD's in the mix, or changing locations and Assets, but too many have no externals, and have not made any location changes, that I think there is a glitch. The trouble, however, is that this behavior seems to hit a few, but not most. There MUST be some difference there, but we've not isolated anything common to the Projects (systems, workflow, etc.) that would explain why - seems totally random, so really tough to diagnose. That is why we suggest the Bug Reports, with as much detail as is possible, to let Adobe recreate the issue in the lab, and get about fixing it. The issue seems too deeply entrenched for us mere users to troubleshoot.


                  I have never lost Renders in either of my Adobe NLE programs, but too many have, to ignore the issue.