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    Need help with embedded SWF Playing

    CurtisW75207 Level 1

      I have an embedded SWF file (A 4 photo slide show) created in Flash Professional CS5, Action script 3, flash player 10 selected.

      I have placed this into the flash catalyst CS5 file. The file previews in the browser perfectly.

      The problem is when published it will not start the slideshow until you refresh the browser (Safari and FireFox) the local version runs fine

      the published version does not even when uploaded to the web server. www.ngambaisland.com


      This site was woking properly before I made some changes to the slide show and rebuilt the file to optimize it for loading performance.


      Please help if you can,


      Many Thanks,



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          Chris W. Griffith Adobe Community Professional

          Did you check the access settings in the swf that was made in Flash Professional. When I went to the site, the photos seemed to be working correctly.


          FYI: you might want to include a portion of the wooden from each sign post button. I can place my mouse in certain spots and cause the button to flicker between the over and off states. By cloning the background into each button you have constant button frame.

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            CurtisW75207 Level 1

            Thanks for looking but I have tested the website on 5 different computers an the slide show only activates after you hit the screen refresh button.


            I am afraid I am a bit limited in flash. You mentioned to check access settings. I used the default action script 3 settings in the publish settings.


            Could you please be more descriptive as what to look for or what settings I would need to change?


            Thanks for your help.



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              I like you to know your site works like a charm for me (Firefox 3.6.12)

              The only thing i need to do at the gallery is hit your button: "start slideshow"

              Great site btw!