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    Multiple checkboxes in subform

    Sabine Hamann

      Hi all,


      I have a dynamic PDF in LiveCycle Designer with subforms flowing on a page.

      In my first subform I created some checkboxes to toggle the visibility of a subform. But the next subform contains also checkboxes. When I check one in the first subform the additional subform appears. But I cannot check additional checkboxes anymore.


      To make it clear:



           Subform Checkbox1 Checkbox2 Checkbox3 Checkbox4

           Subform Checkbox5 Checkbox6 Checkbox7 Checkbox8

           Subform Checkbox9 Checkbox10                                        hidden till Checkbox 1 or 2 is checked


      I can activate Checkbox1 ok. Subform appears, correct.

      If I try to activate Checkbox5 Checkbox1 is deactivated? I could not see my mistake.


      Can anybody help?


      Thanks a lot.