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    Excel won't import PDFs


      I recently updated to Adobe Reader X and suddenly can no longer import PDFs into Excel. This was working fine up until the update this past week, as I do this function weekly for school work.


      Any idea why?


      When I have Excel open, I use the insert object, create new, adobe acrobat document, click ok, and then excel locks up, I see adobe reader load, then get an error message within Excel: "cannot start the source application for this object"


      Adobe Reader then has the error message: "There was an error opening this document. This file cannot be found"


      The problem is, I wasn't even prompted to choose the file before Excel locked up.


      I've tried making sure Adobe Reader was running and open prior to the insert object function but this doesn't seem to help either.


      Any ideas appreciated, this is the only way I can submit my homework!


      ETA: Running Win7 32-bit and Office 2007