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    Survey Form

      I need some expert guidelines in how to setup a form that posts to a sql database.
      I have an asp file with a confirmation page that I created in FrontPage that works on the webserver and posts to the database just fine (I couldn't create the form in RoboHelp and get it to post to the database so I sought other methods (FrontPage) until I could figure out the connection strings etc. ). Now I need to get it to work in RoboHelp (WebHelp). I have been asked to put this survey form at the bottom of every topic page and am wondering what would be the best way to attack it. Forms posting,SQL database and .asp are new to me so getting this far is monumental. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Am I in over my head?

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          Hi Janice and welcome to our community

          If I were in your shoes (and once upon a time, I was) I would tackle it by exploiting each product's strengths. You know FrontPage makes it super easy to create this stuff. So create it in FrontPage, then import the FrontPage HTML file into RoboHelp and link it that way.

          Or, possibly create a link to the FrontPage file from a different topic in RoboHelp (in case you can't seem to make the FrontPage file continue to work after importing it into RoboHelp)

          Cheers... Rick
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            Here's my problem... they don't want it as a link to a survey that would load in it's own page but want the form displayed at the bottom of every help page so when the users scrolls down they see it.

            What I was able to do was create an iframe at the bottom of each page where I load the asp file that has the form fields. It submits ok but of course the confirmation page loads into that same frame replacing the form. So now you see the help topic above with the "Thank you" at the bottom until you go to another page and it reloads the form. I had a link on it that said "Return to Form" but then thought someone could be funny and just keep submitting answers. At least by not directing them back to the same form it reduces this problem but does not alleviate it if someone has the time and wants to skew your numbers. I was hoping for more of a pop-up confirmation (thank you) that would leave the form in place but that means changing the files which I don't have the knowledge to do ...yet. Thanks for your suggestions. I will try the import and see what else I can come up with.