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    Premiere replaces After Effect modified composition with previous edit.

    thatblokeoffthetelly Level 1

      This is a strange one..


      I select a clip in Premiere and choose render in AE. I then modify, save the file in AE, close AE, go back to Premiere and the modified version is sitting pretty, no problems thus far. I save the file in Premiere, which in my experience is the above all must do task, and proceed to the next clip. I do the same procedure.. modify in AE, opens AE, proceed with modifications, save, go back to Premiere and there's the new replacement, no problems.. except.. the first clip I edited in AE has now been replace by the second one. So I have 2 identical AE compositions where I should have 2 different ones. Furthermore, when I quit Premiere and open the first AE composition independently in AE it too has now changed in to the second composition, EVEN THOUGH it was saved as a separate file. I can kind of understand what's happening, but how do I prevent this from happening again and what happens to the first composition I saved?