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    Sluggish Premier Elements on 2007 Mac pro


      Hi guys first time post, so hope someone can help.


      I will try and give a full run down of my set up to help explain the problem.


      Ok working with AVCHD files from a canonHF S11.


      Computer is a 2007 Dual 2.66 Dual-core Xeon with 4G of Ram. Stock Nvidia Ge Force 7300GT with 256 mb ram, Powering twin 24 inch dell monitors.


      Ok i downloaded the trial of Premier Pro, Ran through some projects and all seemed to work well. One project had over one hour of HD video and the editing was smooth and previews all worked well.


      Decided that the cost was a bit high for what i was doing and instead purchased Elements. I found Elements easier to navigate also. However as soon as i started working on any large project the program would run very slow. To the point it is rally unusable. Spinning beachball, Jerky timeline, Unresponsive play and stop buttons, You get the idea.


      Setting for projects are PAL HD AVC 25 stereo to match the camera's settings


      When running sluggish i am still showing plenty of free Ram and the CPU meter is very low.


      Back to pro and all still good. Edits quick and runs smooth.


      Things i have tried thus far.


      Reinstalled Elements           Same

      Uninstalled Pro, Uninstalled elements- reinstalled elements.          Same


      I would have simply put it down to my machine being old if it were not for Pro running so well


      Any idea's or settings i have missed that will speed up the program?


      Thanks in advance


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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Remember that, if you are using the correct project settings, when you place your clips on your timeline there will not be a red or green live above the clips until you add effects or transitions to it.


          Is that the case? When you add your clips to the timeline is there no red line above them?


          You may also want to check out this, from the FAQs to the right of the forum.


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            henbroon Level 1

            Hi Stve,

            Thanks for the reply. Yes that is correct no red or Green bars above the time line. I replaced the Video render folder as suggested as still the same. As i said it is as if elements is eating up all the ram. ( which is 8G not 4 as i said)


            Even when i slide the red line accross the time line it splits up so the top part with the blue arrow moves with me and the rest of the line runs a few milimeters behind. The spinning beachball.


            I tried again with premier pro and used the exact same footage and work without a hitch for 2hrs tonight. ( mind you i must have the settings there incorrect as i had a red line on all video in Pro, However it still worked perfectly.) I am at a loss. I will try and install elements onto my Macbook Pro and see if it is the same.


            Any other suggestions would be great.




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              the_wine_snob Level 9



              It is very likely that you will never be able to get smooth editing of AVCHD material on a Dual-core CPU. AVCHD requires a lot of CPU horsepower to decode for editing, and most users find even early Quad-core CPU's deficient. For AVCHD material, I would not go with anything less than a fast, current i7 Intel CPU.


              Good luck,



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                henbroon Level 1


                Hi Bill,


                Thanks for the input. However thats the strange thing. I CAN edit the exact same footage in Premier Pro. On the exact same machine. I Cut up the same footage last night for over 2hrs and not once did i see a spinning beachball on Prem-Pro. It was not even a little bit slow to scrub, cut etc. Gotta love the lifespan of the Mac Pro's LOL


                You are correct in the symptoms sound like lack of horsepower, Spinning beachball, Slow to scrub, Slow to highlight clips on the timeline etc. However thats not the case here. Unless...... Can anyone tell me if Pro utilises all 4 cores on a dual processer Dual core machine? Maybe Elements only uses one core from each processor or one processor.


                Anyway, Looks like elements wont do the trick for me and i will have to splash out extra cash for pro





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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  Odd, as usually PrPro will require a larger "footprint," than a comparable version of PrE, though not by much.


                  PrPro will definitely see all four cores of a dual-processor Duo-Core setup - at least since PrPro 2.0, which is what I have on a dual-Xeon Duo-Core workstation. I do not have PrE on that computer, but PrE 4.0 sees all four of my Core2 Quad on the laptop.


                  One question: are you running Mac versions of both NLE's, or the PC versions through Bootcamp, or similar. Might be a difference there?


                  Also, which version of PrPro are you using?


                  Good luck, and wish that I had more thoughts on your situation.



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                    henbroon Level 1

                    Hi Hunt,


                    Both versions are runnin native on Mac so NO PC versions.


                    I believe it is CS5 of Prem Pro and the latest version of elements as I purchased it not to long ago.


                    Thanks for the help ths far, Looks like it is just one of those things, I will keep updateing the software and OS-X in the hope it finds a fix.





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                      the_wine_snob Level 9

                      Dang, sounds like they should be very, very close in editing. Some have written of PrE 9 as being more "sluggish," than previous versions, but would still think that it would out perform PrPro, especially CS5, on the same computer. Now, CS5 does use some "tricks," that are not available in PrE yet, like the CUDA acceleration with the GPU in certain cards, but not sure that would make THAT much difference. Maybe it would account for it though?


                      Steve Grisetti, the MOD here, and noted author of PrE books, has several Mac's, and uses PrE 9, so he'd be a good person to comment. Not sure if Steve has PrPro, but that is likely, so he could comment on both programs. He'll probably be by tomorrow and will comment.


                      Good luck,



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                        Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                        Actually, I've just got one Mac, Bill. An iMac at that. But I'm seeing little of the sluggishness the poster describes.


                        So I'm not sure what's going on.


                        With that computer, he should have no problems. Maybe it's best to contact Adobe Tech Support. (And be sure to ask for a manager when you do. Most of the people who answer the phones are working from scripts and can't answer these kinds of questions.)