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    Capture problems in CS5 / Win 7


      I have 2 computers for capturing video and am having problems with both of them using my 2 tape-based Panasonic cameras.


      Problem 1: I have CS5 on my laptop - I was using Adober OnLocation and agreed to have it open by default in the future. Unfortunately, this is now causing problems capturing from existing tapes. I tried capturing by playing the tape through OnLocation (that ended up crashing OnLocation) and now I have problems trying to get Premiere to capture, because the suite wants to shift to OnLocation. Any suggestions? Also, I did a lot of searches to try to see how to turn off the automatic association between the camera and OnLocation, with no luck. (I keep finding promo materials, but nothing about how to actually use this feature.) I'd appreciate if someone could short-cut my research and let me know how to break this association.


      Problem 2: I have an older computer that had CS3 / Vista x64 on it. After having some motherboard problems I upgraded the computer to Win 7 x64 and installed CS5 to see if I could get the capture to work there. When I connect either of my 2 Panasonic cameras it automatically opens Premiere (yeah!), but then I get the message "Can't activate recorder, try reseting camera." I've tried a number of things, but can't get either camera to be recognized.


      Any suggestions for either problem would be greatly appreciated.





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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          Question 1. Turn off OL and change the preferences for the device to not use OL but PR. Make that the default.


          Question 2. Did you change the firewire driver in Device Manager to use the driver with 'Legacy' in the description?

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            Jim_Simon Level 8
            the suite wants to shift to OnLocation


            Huh?  You open Premiere, you hit F5 for the capture utility, and it opens OnLocation?


            That's new.

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              jfk00ca Level 1

              Not quite. Regardless of whether Premiere is open, as soon as the camera connects it opens OnLocation. I then try to close OnLocation and switch to Premiere, but OL tends to crash and restart. When OL is open, the capture feature in Premiere didn't work.


              I did get it working for a short time today, I found that by officially 'exiting' OL rather than clicking 'X' I didn't freeze up like it had before. I would provide more info, but now the camera isn't being detected at all through the firewire connection (and I don't have a 2nd calbe to test).


              For the legacy driver, I switched to the legacy driver & rebooted the computer, but am still getting the same "can't activate" error message for both cameras. For me that's the most important thing.