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    Sequence settings for combining HD videos, SD videos, and stills to DVD?




      After reading through the forum, I am still not sure whether I should be using the "lowest common denominator" sequence (DV NTSC preset to match the avi footage), the "highest quality" sequence (DSLR 720p preset to match the mov footage), or the sequence which best matches my desired final output (i.e. DV NTSC for DVD output) for a project consisting of HD 720p mov, SD 480i avi, and jpeg source files.


      Obviously, a newbie like me should be using Windows Live Movie Maker or even PE9 rather than PP CS5 but I hate not having a timeline (among other things missing in WLMM) and I'd like to make use of the 8GB of RAM with my Windows 7 64bit system when editing the HD footage.


      Thanks in advance for your feedback and any other suggestions you may have.