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    Media turns black please help!!!!


      Hello, I have had Premiere Pro CS5 for a while and I have had this particular problem ever since I started using it.


      Basically, I am making a video right? And I have imported a bunch of MPG videos to put into the timeline.

      But guess what? For some strange reason about 2 or 3 of these videos start to flash black when I am editing and eventually just turn to a solid black, but you can still hear audio. If I wait a long time it sometimes flashes a bit again and comes back on and saving also might help revive a particular video, sometimes but not always.


      Even after I manage to revive a video it usually just turns to black again a few minutes later. And it is always the same videos, not different ones. The really bad thing is no matter what I do, even after I have supposedly revived the videos, when I export the movie as Windows Media (MWV) those videos are still black in the final product.

      This problem is excrutiatingly irritating!!!!!!!!!! Does anyone know how to fix it or what exactly the problem is! PLEASE!!!! I can't find it on google anywhere!!!!!!