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    Editing Keyframes of Movieclips in Flash Builder 4 just using Actionscript 3?



      I'm developing a Flash-Game using the Flash Builder 4 with only Actionscript.

      So I have to generate all the MovieClip-Classes without using the IDE witch allows you to edit MovieClips with Mouse. I want to add a class on the stage witch extends MovieClip. This class represends a enemy or the player or something. If the Enemy get a hit or turn in a diffrent direction, it has to change his image.


      My Problem is, I dont't know how to manage the diffrent frames of the Timeline from that new class. I tried


      mc.gotoandstop(2); //change keyframe to another one

      mc.addChild(theSecondImage); //adding another sprite


      mc.gotoandstop(3); //change keyframe to another one

      mc.addChild(theThirdImage); //adding another sprite

      … //and so on


      after placing it (the mc) on the stage, it tried


      public function changeImage(nr) {




      but it doesent't work

      It seems like its doesn't matter on witch frame i add the Sprite.


      Have anybody an Idea how to work with MCs and edit the timeline WITHOUT using the IDE from Adobe Flash CS5?