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    Cannot "Save in New Location" ACR 6.3



      I just installed the 6.3 ACR beta in order to accomodate the Nikon D7000 I just received today and find that I'm unable to "Save in New Location" in Bridge . I'm only able to save to the original location- The SD card. I set the folder, however nothing shows in the dialog box after folder selection as it usually does.


      I am using CS5 on 32bit Vista Home Premium. Could someone please tell me if this is a bug or if I have perhaps forgotten something? Had no problems up until this 6.3 candidate. Tried also saving files from my D80 but same problem.



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          syo_66 Level 1

          Just an update on this problem.

          After a reboot of  the system, I opened some files in ACR. These were .NEF files taken

          by my D80. I was able to save these to a new location. However, when I tried to open a

          D7000 .NEF it would not allow me to define a new location to save. I could only save to

          the same location. I then tried again to save some D80 files to a new location however this

          time I could not. Seems that the D7000 generated files had "broken" this function.


          Is there no one else with this issue? I am otherwise able to work with the files without problems

          however having to save to the same location is a bit of a bother. Any feedback on this would be appreciated.




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            dfranzen_adobe Level 3

            Hi Syo,


            Just to be clear, is this what you are doing.


            1. Mount the SD card with your computer (via a card reader, or connecting the camera to the computer?)

            2. Navigate to the the files on your SD card with Bridge.

            3. Selecting thumbnails of files on the card.

            4. Using control+R or the Open in Camera Raw command to open the images in Camera Raw 6.3.

            5. Clicking the Save Image (or Save Images) button in Camera Raw

            6. Trying to select "Save in New Location" from the Destination combo box?


            Or, are you doing something else?


            If I did describe what you are doing, what happens if you copy the D7000 files off your SD card onto your hard drive before opening them in Camera Raw? Also, what happens if you open the files in Photoshop's Camera Raw dialog instead of Bridges (Use the "Open" instead of "Open in Camera Raw" command in Bridge)?



            David Franzen

            Adobe Systems, Inc.

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              syo_66 Level 1

              Hello David. Thank you very much for responding.


              To answer your questions:


              1). Yes. Mounting SD to computer via internal card reader.

              2). Yes. Navigating via Bridge.

              3). Yes selecting thumbnails on SD card images

              4). Yes. Right clicking for open in CR or double clicking to open in PS CS5.

              5). Yes clicking save image(s) button. When I do, I receive a "The file could not be created"

              meassage in the status dialog.

              6). Yes I am selecting "save to new location". Choosing the destination would always display the path

              next to "Select Folder" button afterwards but not anymore. The only option that will display the path

              is "Save in same location" which now appears to be the default.


              Yes, I have copied the files to my hard drive. I have opened both CR from Bridge as well as Bridge to PS with

              the same results. Another thing, I tried saving some Nikon D80 NEF files first thing this morning and it wouldn't

              save to new location. So it appears that this is not D7000 specific.


              I don't believe this is user error as I have processed tens of thousands of images similarly for the past few years.

              The problem started when I installed ACR 6.3RC.


              Again, thanks much for your response and any assistance you may offer.



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                dfranzen_adobe Level 3

                Thanks for the extra info?


                Have you checked to see if any of the hard drives you are using is, or very close to full? Check the the destination drive, the drive with Windows, whatever drive has your Camera Raw cache, if you're using more than one drive.




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                  syo_66 Level 1

                  Thanks for the quick response.


                  All of my hard drives have at least 100GB free including the system drive which

                  is where the cache is.


                  I just upped the cache from 1gb to 3gb but same results. I then moved the cache to another drive

                  but same again.





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                    I have the exact same problem with ACR 6.6. It will save ONLY in root drive directories (or the same folder).