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    RAID 0  vs  new Sata III Velociraptor


      Forgive me if this discussion has already taken place somewhere but I haven't found it anywhere as it relates to the newer Sata 3 Velociraptors. I am building a new system and am going to go with:

      i7 980x

      HD 5770

      Intel 160GB SSD for OS

      Asus P6X58D-E MOBO (uses Sata 3)

      12 GB RAM

      (yes, my wife works for Intel so I get the nice chip and SSD for a lot less than I could normally afford )


      I know this has been discussed in great detail but I still don't have an answer to which is preferable when considering scratch disk performance. I understand the risks involved with RAID0, capacity and the $/Gb differences, etc, but I am only considering performance in this comparison. My main use is Premiere, After Effects and 3Ds Max.


      2 x WD RE3 750GB Enterprise drives (7,200) in RAID 0




      1 x Sata III (6Gb/s) Velociraptor 600GB



      Thanks for any help