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    drop first number

      Hi i have a database column with phone numbers in

      i need to display the number without the first zero ie

      034544454455 needs to show 34544454455

      is there a way to drop the first zero?
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          BKBK Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          <cfif left(telNumber,1) EQ "0">
          <cfset telNumber = removeChars(telNumber,1,1)>
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            macca242424 Level 1
            ok thanks for that, this works below, how could i also get rid of any spaces that were entered?

            <cfif left(Send.Phone,1) EQ "0">
            <cfset PhoneNo = removeChars(Send.Phone,1,1)>
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              paross1 Level 2
              If they are leading spaces after the 0 is removed, try using TRIM() after the 0 is removed, otherwise if they are leading/trailing spaces before the 0 is removed, try using TRIM() before you remove the 0. If they are just spaces within the string, just replace spaces with nothing.

              <cfset PhoneNo = trim(removeChars(Send.Phone,1,1))>
              <cfset PhoneNo =removeChars(trim(Send.Phone),1,1)>
              <cfset PhoneNo =removeChars(replace(Send.Phone, " ", "", "all"),1,1)>