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    As3maillib examples?

    DachFlach Level 1

      I am looking to have a go at implementing email into AIR.

      Are there any as3maillib examples out there?

      I have the classes but have found no implementation examples.

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          You know...i'm trying to use it also and it just doesn't work.

          I always get :"530 5.7.0 Must issue a STARTTLS command first. h43sm3407682wes.11".

          I think this library is no good. I'm looking for another one.

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            I've never used as3maillib, but I access IMAP accounts via TLS using the as3crypto library that has classes to support TLS. Note however that the current TLS socket version of as3crypto does not work under iOS. I made it work under iOS, but it still needs alot of testing...


            Not knowing as3maillib, I bet in combination with as3crypto it may give you a good start to develop email client functionality.


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              You are the only one who has  a solution for using as3crypto on the whole web, please help, what do I have to change?


              I need it for sending smtp via airxmail ..


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