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    Did a fresh install of Windows Vista and Premiere CS5 and now Premiere is buggy!


      Hi everyone. I was using Premiere Pro CS5 on my quad core system editing AVCHD clips just fine and then I had to do a fresh install of Windows Vista Home Premium. I then did a fresh install of Premiere Pro CS5 on a separate hard drive and opened up one of my AVCHD projects. Now, for some reason, the same AVCHD projects that played fine before are now jittery and also show blocky artifacts. The jitter seems to be a constant jitter every second and the blocky artifacts seem to happen mostly when the subject in the clip is moving. I know the problem isn't in the original clip from my GH-1 camera because if I play the original clip that is on my hard drive, it plays just fine so, it has to be Premiere CS5 that is causing the clips to play all jerky on the timeline. Can someone please help me solve this problem? One more thing, when I reinstalled Premiere CS5, I installed the latest update from Adobe. I didn't have that update installed before when the clips played fine. Could that update be the culprit? Thanks.


      My clips were recorded using a Panasonic GH1 HDSLR camera and are 1080/24p (progressive).