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    Problema fastidioso con AE

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      Salve, ultimamente ho un problema davvero fastidioso con after effects... creo un video... il rendering lo sappiamo dura ORE... finito il rendering... non mi ha creato tutto il video! esempio: un video di 1 m e 04 sec. il video viene solo di 23 secondi... potete aiutarmi a risolverlo? non so che fare e sono in ritardo con il lavoro!

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          MMh, my Italian is not the best, but as far as I understand, you are not getting any video output even after hours of rendering? This usualyl indicates a plug-in or CoDec being used that is not safe for multiprocessing ("Render multiple frames simultanously" in the preferences), so the first thing to do would be to turn off this feature. The same would apply, if your system is generally not powerful enough to handle this feature. Also make sure, you have installed Quicktime correctly plus all Windows Media and AVI CoDecs. All of these would be the most basic things to try to fix the problem. For everything else we will need more info about your system and your exact render settings.



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            My English is horrible (I use Google Translator), I get the final video after rendering but is not complete ... example: the final video will be 1 minute and 4 seconds ... I only get 23 seconds of video ... the program has ever given me this prolem ...

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              Sounds like you are rendering to a FAT32 or, god forbid, FAT16 drive and the file size is truncated due to the limitations of the file system. That still happens a lot with network drives or external drives. Please check that. If that is the case, save your files to another location that uses the NTFS (PC) or HFS+ (Mac) file system. Also verify your render settings and make sure you are not shortening the clip there. as a last thing, check your frame rates. If you render to a different framerate than the one used in the project, it may also cause shorter files because frames are skipped...