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    Whenever my AVCHD clips are conformed in Premiere CS5, my C drive loses storage capacity..Why?


      Hey everyone. When I load my AVCHD clips into a new project Premiere says that it is "conforming" the clips... whatever that means. One thing I noticed is that as it is conforming the clips, if I minimize Premiere and look at my C drive, the capacity slowly goes down and I lose megabytes until Premiere is done conforming the clips. If I keep opening new projects and add new clips and Premiere conforms the clips, eventually my C drive loses so many gigabytes that I have to buy a larger hard drive and make it my new C drive. Is there any way to clear these "conformed" clip files off of my C drive so I don't have to keep enlarging my C drive? Where on the C drive are these "conformed" AVCHD files stored? Thanks.