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    Premier Pro or After effects?


      I'm looking at Premier Pro and After Effects. They both seem to be for video editing.


      Is PP for hollywood or more advanced video editing and After Effects a smaller version for smaller products?


      Is PP for cutting video and AE more for the entire process from start to finish?


      What is the best file formats for each? If I import in one format, is it better to let/get PP or AE to switch the file for smoother edits?

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Each is a different program. There is overlap, but the design is for different processes. PrPro is a full-featured NLE (Non Linear Editor) for editing AV files. AfterEffects is a motion compositing program. PrPro can do some motion compositing and animation, and AE can do some AV editing.


          They are bundled in some of the Adobe suites, and; will then work very well together and almost seamlessly. It's a bit like Photoshop and Illustrator. Each has some overlap with the other, but are really designed for different processes, with PS for image editing and AI for the creation of Vector art.


          Exactly what are you looking to do?


          Good luck,



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            SyncroScales Level 1

            Thank you for the reply.


            The best all in one is always appriciated.


            To be able to do a project from loading up the footage internally, opening menu/credits, add original music, add effects, transitions, 3rd party plug-ins, etc,etc, etc, to the final credits and export. I am learning on another companies program Pinnacle Studio.


            So basic stuff such as: an outing or holiday or just some footage I decided to record, to maybe beyond that. But I am an amature big time, so learning is more important.

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              Predicated on your description, I would recommend PrPro. Do not know the current line-up of Pinnacle products, but going back, they were an all-in-one NLE and DVD/BD authoring application. With PrPro, you will also use Encore (included and installed with PrPro) to do the final authoring. It is a full-featured authoring app, where Pinnacle Studio was very limited, rather like PrElements.


              Most of the titling and even animation of those Titles can be done in PrPro, and AE will not be required. PrPro ships with tons of Effects, and many more are available as plug-ins. Now, there are some great things that AE will do, or perhaps do better, but those differences are for rather specialized editing.


              Good luck,



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                SyncroScales Level 1

                What kind of specialized editing? More for the batch editing for major motion pictures?


                A high level of effects and editing?

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                  Todd_Kopriva Level 8

                  After Effects is for visual effects, compositing, and motion graphics.


                  One way to think of Premiere Pro is that it's designed to take several source movies and cut them apart and then piece them together in time. That's why video editors are often called "cutters"; they cut time-based segments of movies together to make a new and cohesive movie.


                  After Effects, on the other hand is designed to take multiple images (including moving images) and mix them together on the screen at the same time. That's what "compositing" is. You'd use After Effects to take a matte painting of a sunset, put that behind an actor that had been shot against a green screen, and then throw in a computer-generated robot and laser blast from the robot's eyes. After Effects also has extremely powerful vector graphics and text animation tools, far beyond what Premiere Pro has.


                  After Effects and Premiere Pro overlap, and people move back and forth between them, using each for its strengths. One of Premiere Pro's strengths is that it's much faster to work with in general.


                  See this page for more on how to move information between the two applications.


                  To learn After Effects, start here. Start here to learn Premiere Pro.

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                    SyncroScales Level 1

                    I am liking the idea of both, but for now the step to take is programs/editing like Premier Pro with a little of After Effects.


                    thanks for the clarifications.