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      I have a ads pyro a/v link and pe 9. I am planning to convert my 8mm and vhs tapes to dvd. What presets, settings, and formats would be appropriate? I am new and do not know the best process... How to capture, edit, and then burn etc...

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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You want DV-AVI Type II with 48KHz 16-bit Audio for easiest editing


          As far as I know, that is what the Ads Pyro creates when you give it an analog input and it sends digital out to your computer via Firewire

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            John T. has nailed the settings, and you should also start with a DV (NTSC, or PAL, depending on where you live) Project w/ that same 48KHz setting.


            For details on the ADS Pyro switches, and settings, there are many good discussions on Muvipix. Just Search for "ADS Pyro," and you will find most of them. Here is an ARTICLE from the Tips & Tricks sub-forum.


            Also, there might be a tip, or two, in this ARTICLE.


            Good luck, and happy editing,



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              777bullwinkle777 Level 1

              Great article on the ads setup! Thank you! It actually sounds pretty straight forward.


              I set up the pyro, capture in pe 9 using the DV NTSC Standard 48, and then click share and save it in avi with the dv ntsc standard preset again if i want to edit it later and if it does not need editing just burn it to a dvd?


              I am also planning on cutting several sections of assets from old tapes and deleting the unwanted footage. Should I capture the old footage in its entirety, save the file as an avi, open it and delete everthing but the section I want and then resave the clip as a new file name, and then repeat this same process with the original file until I have saved each section that I would like to keep? Or am making this harder than I need to??

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                Once you Capture via the Pyro, you have the steps down. Doing a Share/Export to DV-AVI will give you great files to Import into a later Project, or you can finish the original Project and then Burn to Disk. Note: DV-AVI Type II (the type output from PrE) does compress slightly. I always turn Recompress OFF, when doing that. An alternative is to use a lossless CODEC, like the free Lagarith Lossless. That will yield the ultimate file, but does slow things down a bit, as one is doing first the Encoding at Share/Export, and then the Decoding, when they later go to edit. With DV-AVI to DV-AVI, I doubt that one can tell the difference, but again, for the "ultimate," a lossless CODEC, like Lagarith, will give you lossless files on Share/Export. One only needs to download and install Lagarith (or most other CODEC's), reboot, and then choose MS AVI (not DV-AVI) and choose Lagarith from the Advanced>Compressor drop-down list. Note: the CODEC that will likely show as the default is CinePak by Radius. Do not choose that, but click on the drop-down and choose the Lagarith from the list.


                Good luck, and hope that helps,



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                  777bullwinkle777 Level 1

                  Great detail! Thanks Hunt!

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                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                    Most welcome, and happy editing.