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    Functionality of GeForce GTX 460 with Premiere Pro


      Hi community,


      I'm looking to use Premiere Pro CS5 for top notch video capabilities, but only intermittantly, and admittedly don't need the super-high performance that a professional video editor needs. I'll have to upgrade my computer in order to deal with CS5 and Windows 7 and I'm on a budget and am looking for ways to cut corners. Reading all the specs, it seems like from the GeForce GTX series, the 285 and the 470 are the ONLY ones that Adobe has certified for complete functionality with Premiere Pro 5.


      It seems apparent from the comments in the following Adobe blog post (http://blogs.adobe.com/premiereprotraining/2010/09/premiere-pro-cs5-5-0-2-update.html) that the GeForce 460 will not allow for complete functionality as far as Adobe is concerned, despite the fact that it has CUDA, Open GL 4.1, and DirectX 11.


      This confuses me, as the specs shown at http://www.nvidia.com/object/product-geforce-gtx-460-us.html don't seem to be much different than those shown at http://www.nvidia.com/object/product_geforce_gtx_470_us.html . Plus, I thought that CUDA, Open GL 4.1, and DirectX 11 were the important factors in the Mercury engine.


      Perhaps I'm missing something, as I'm not extremely technologically literate, but I feel like I might be able to get by pretty darn well with the 460. Can I get your opinion on this?


      Much thanks,