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    AMD and Intel processors.........Why not an AMD?

    SyncroScales Level 1

      Hi. A lot of literature and people keep saying get an Intel i7 for high end video editing. Nobody mentions any AMD processors.




      The Ghz and some of the specs are the same or close. Some better depending on the processor.


      Few people want to make a comment to me at all. Some actually have AMD processors at 3Ghz or more (usually 3.5Gghz) and a quad-core. These professionals say they do alright and it works.


      How sucessful can a machine be setup with AMD's? And at what Ghz for 64-bit computing and various types of HD editing?


      What kind of file types/formats can be processed and can DDR2 RAM at 1066Mhz or 800 Mhz work?


      The plan is obviously to go with HD or SD footage. Aiming for 1080i or p (prefer 60fps although I know various NLE's drop frames to 30 or less). 720p is ok, I'm pretty sure it is blu-ray equivilant from my research (but some literature points to it possibly being over 720p which confuses me).


      Effects, and editing is important, not just minimum.