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    Adobe Premiere Elements - Red Line / Green Line


      I have spent this past weekend working with Premiere Elements on my Mac (just purchased it along with Photoshop Elements 9).  I can't seem to find a manual for it so so far I have been forced to work with it based on intuition.  Thus far, I have been surprisingly successful.  However, I do have some questions.


      I have imported some videos that were previously ripped from DVDs into Organizer.  I have place several clips into the timeline and made mostly edits like cuts and removal of audio files attached to the video files (no effects and no transitions).  I have also imported an audio file (formatted in apple AAC) into the timeline that was purchased from iTunes.  What I noticed is that there is a red line on top of the timeline and I am not sure why (not even sure what that means).  While I'm editing, the program runs pretty sluggishly (ie. scubbing through the timeline is very blocky and not smooth) but so far it has not crashed.  Also, the video quality while viewing on the timeline is somewhat poor.  However, once I render the project to a .mov file it looks great and all the edit points I have done is on point and synced with the music.


      Can someone provide insight for a newbie?

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          The red line indicates that for smoothest playback, the Clips need to be Rendered (hit Enter/Return). The red line can be indicating that there is a mismatch between the source footage and the Project Preset (set, when you do New Project), or that one has added Effects, or some sort of overlay, such as a Title, or PiP (Picture in Picture). When Rendered, the line turns green.


          Hope that helps, and good luck,




          PS - with DVD VOB's, you have DV MPEG-2 files. What is your Project's Preset? It should be DV (PAL, or NTSC, depending on where you live) w/ 48KHz Audio.

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            valmundo Level 1

            How does one render in a timeline? What if I'm still editing my clips and plan to add effects later on?  Would I have to re-render continuously?  Also, can one change the project's settings even after doing extensive editing of clips or am I relagated to sticking with the current settings for the sake of keeping all the work I've already done?

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              One Renders by hitting the Enter/Return key.


              Now, Rendering is just for smoothest playback. I have many Projects, where playback is adequate, though un-Rendered, and never do it. Other times, I might have a small section, where I am doing something like animating Effects, and I might Render that section many, many times. The area of the Timeline that is Rendered can be limited by the WAB (Work Area Bar).


              If the Clips are coming into the Timeline WITH the red line, then there is likely a mismatch between the source footage and the Project's Preset.


              Here is a look at the WAB in an earlier version of PrE:


              It can also be used to check Duration of a segment of the Timeline, or to limit an Export/Share. Note: in PrE 9, there seems to be a Bug, where the normal Reset operation does not work fully, once the WAB has been altered, but one can still extend it to the full Duration of the Timeline. Not sure what the disposition of this Bug is, but I'd like to see Adobe offer an update to PrE 9 to fix a few things, however, Adobe does not usually do any updates to PrE.


              Good luck,



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                VDOSurfer Level 3

                The red line indicates that the content under the timeline is not "native". When you click on the timeline and then hit the "Enter" key, you will see a progress bar that converts this area under the red bar to native properties and turns the bar green. Native to what? Native to the project presets.


                When you launch a new project you will notice a small information under the project name etc, that looks something like "NTSC DV" or "Full HD 5.1 1920x1080i 30" etc. This is the settings in which the clips are to be imported. If you are sure about the exact properties of the clips that you will import and edit, I suggest you change these project settings manually when you create the new project. Else, all you have to do is launch a project with ANY setting, and enter a single file from what you have imported to the organizer. The switch to a correct project will happen automatically. Hopefully the other clips that you have for this edit session are from the same camera/with same properties. When native, there are no Red/Green bars above the clips.


                The other thing about the red/green bar is that if any property of the clip is altered, (adding effect, changing opacity, changing the duration, placing any other asset above the clip etc) the bar WILL turn red. That is when you might see the playback issues. To correct this, you must render and then once green the playback will be really smooth.


                And regarding your query about changing the project while you are editing, you cannot do that in Premiere Elements. If you have started editing in a particular project setting, you can save it, and continue editing later. But when you reopen the same project, the settings will be the same as the ones you created/switched to the first time.

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  Also, since this OP, and replies, Adobe has done a nice ARTICLE on Rendering, that might be useful to anyone finding this thread.


                  Good luck,



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                    Could You helm me?

                    In my project the line is green but dotted. However, while watching, the picture is jammed while the sound is smooth. what am I doing wrong?

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                      Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                      Please note that you've posted your question to a 6 year old thread. The people who participated in this discussion have not been on this forum in several years.


                      I'd recommend you start a new thread so that we can give your question some focus.


                      Be sure to include important information such as: Which version of Premiere Elements you're using on what operating system; the processor you have and how much RAM; what model of camcorder your video is coming from and your video's format and resolution.