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    can't install CS5 after downloading

    zalel Level 1

      I am running Mac OS 10.6.4 on MacBook Book Pro. After spending all day downloading CS5, I have encountered a problem with the file "Adobe_Creative_Suite_5_Master_Collection-AkamaiDLM.dmg."


      When I cick on the DMG, it asks if I want to open it. I say yes, but nothing happens after the progress bar finishes. What can I do, do I need to start from scratch?


      I have quit all open apps. I have followed the instructions (Troubleshooting CS5 Installations) to use Acitivity Monitor, and quit processes that might be conflicting.


      The knowledge base doesn't offer any more ideas. There is NO ONE on tech support all weekend. Like design people all work 9-5. I guess they figure several hundred dollars isn't a big enough expenditure.


      Can anyone offer any suggestions?

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          Petаr Adobe Employee

          sorry for the problems with the download process! the installation of the download manager is step# 1 in the recommended process. if your browser were still open it would have detected the download manager installation and prompted for the location to save the file. what I recommend is to try the download again-  that should start the process as expected.  please advise if that worked.  Petar

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            zalel Level 1

            Hi Petar,


            Thanks for your reply. I am one step closer. This time, the installer did launch, as you predicted, and it seems to be installing correctly. I'll send an update. I have a suggestion for the download instructions. I know that I might have mis-read them, but it looks like they say quit everything; you told me to keep the browser open, which is obviously the correct procedure.


            Talk to you soon,