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    viewing a file's directory while working with a file




      I'm new to fireworks and Adobe in general.  My apologies in advance if I'm being blind and just missing it, but is there a way I can see the directory of the file (.png) that I'm working with while that file is loaded in the application?


      I'm asking this question from the standpoint of using the same amount of effort that it takes me to see the name of the file that I'm working with - which is plainly visible at all times in the upper left tab of the staging area while the file is loaded.


      And, while I do understand that the tab is definitely not the place for such a thing - as directory names can get rather long - I'm wondering if there's some sort of preference I can set, or "always on top" dialog I can have open which will show me such a thing at a glance?


      I'm using fireworks from CS3 and on Windows 7.


      Many thanks,