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    New to Adobe..some questions re effects etc and jerky video playback.


      Hi guys, I'm new to adobe PE8 and have a huge learning curve and would appreciate some advice. I'm finding some excellent tutorials on the video lounge as well as some other great tips but I'm stuck on these two points for now...can you pls help!


      1. My Adobe Premiere Elements v8 only comes with a limited range of effects, transitions, titles. Can you advise if Adobe offer anything more than the few they provide? Can you suggest a good site for free or even pay to use effects, transitions, titles etc.


      2. I have a new ASUS i7 1.6ghz processor, 4mb memory, 1mb video memory, Win 7, 640HDD laptop and only have PE8 on it.  When playing the short video I produced as a beginners sample, it's jerky and freezes yet the sound continues normally.  Can you offer any pearls of wisdom here pls?


      Much appreciated.