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    Possible for website users to change .swf background with button click?


      Hi there,


      With the aid of Dreamweaver CS4 I've manged to create a temp 'under construction website'. This website has a fullscreen .swf looping in the background.


      I have made 4 of these very short looping .swf files.


      Is it possible, by adding one simple button on the screen, for the user click and the next .swf background starts playing? So basically this button acts a 'next' button, and each times it's clicked the next .swf starts to play.


      Website: www.fatkatmusic.com


      Ps: check out the source code. The flash background code starts from '<!-- flash background -->'.


      Also, I know the css and html could be written a bit better, but I just wanted to know if what im asking is possible...


      Thank you,