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    Creating a title that can appear as drawn on a wall


      Hi everybody,


      I was working on a clip wherein a title ( for example: Directed by someone ) should appear as drawn on the wall in the background.

      To make everything more complicated the actor, after the title has appeared on the wall behind him, stands up and moves to the camera hiding the title appeared behind him.

      I tried to track the wall in order to fix the title on hit but no success, so I thought to create a null object using it as the target of the motion track and connecting the pre-composed title to the null object thinking that he should have followed the wall, but no success... I really don't know what to do. The clip is not very shaky, but I couldn't come out...


      Could you please help me.


      The clip covers less than 15 seconds, there are no camera movements, the actor, at a certain point, stand up and cover the title (I used an animated mask) but the real problem is: how can I fix the title in order that it can follow the natural shaking of the camera?


      Thank you for your kindness.


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