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    Captivate 4 crashes when recording


      Captivate 4 crashes when recording additional slides - this happens when you press 'End' to stop recording and the files are being imported into Captivate. You then have to restart Captivate, open the project, close it again in an orderly fashion and re-open Captivate again before you can 'attempt' to record anything else or you receive the following message: "Another session of Adobe Captivate is currently recording.  Please close the other session of Adobe Captivate before trying to record."


      Having searched the forum regarding this problem and found that many people have had the same issue - I have tried many of the things suggested but have not yet come across a method for fixing this issue once it occurs.


      This does not happen to all projects - it seems to be random, although I have now re-started this particular project 4 times and it keeps occuring ...


      Does anyone know of the cause, a fix or even if Adobe is looking into this issue?




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          MPizanti Level 1

          I believe I have now found the cause of this problem!

          I got a new disk (same computer) and installed Windows7 and Captivate4 - this eliminated the problem I was having with using variables in any project but not the problem with Captivate crashing when re-recording slides.

          I narrowed the problem to the project template - projects that I create without the project template or with a template supplied by Adobe are fine and projects created based on the template I created are not.

          I have now re-created my project template - slide by slide - checking after adding each new slide that the problem had not returned.

          All in all it has been a very frustrating exercise as the error messages displayed are more or less useless.

          One thing I did notice is the size of the template file - after having created an identical project template the new template is approximately a quarter of the size of the corrupt template. Even after adding a blank slide and deleting all other slides from my original project template file - the size of the file is still 3,599 KB in comparison to a new project template with the same blank screen which is 171 KB.

          Anyway hope this is helpful.