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    Image gallery From an XML file...

    ierick Level 1
      Will flash reconize an XML file that is parameter based (Call Functions) into a database to create a type of listing service to show homes for sale?

      My client is wanting a basic image gallery for now that will later become a a fullfledged interactive document later down the road for showing options in the homes they build. First, they have Spec homes that they want to showcase (simply put these are homes they already built and are sitting on the property that are move in ready).

      Step 1:
      The end user would visit an HTML (CFM) document where they would choose there search criteria.

      Step 2:
      then another page would show with an exterior photo of the home, and a breif description where the user would select the home they want to view more infomation.

      Step 3:
      This then would load the image viewer which is the flash file, that would call to the XML file to load the parameters to which home model to show.

      The home will have a unique home model name in which the photos are labeled accordingly the same way...
      Exterior = ModelHomeName.jpg
      Image 1 = ModelHomeName_1.jpg
      Image 2 = ModelHomeName_2.jpg
      Image 3 = ModelHomeName_3.jpg
      Image 4 = ModelHomeName_4.jpg
      Image 5 = ModelHomeName_5.jpg

      Is there a certain way flash has to read the XML file with parameters to translate it? Or what is the quickest possible way?