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    Problems printing large pdf file


      I have problems printing large technical documentation from pdf reader


      The document is about 650 pages, 260 MB

      Using adobe reader 9.3.0

      Printing to xerox 7435 with punch unit

      Printserver is win 2008 R2

      Client is win7 32 bit

      When using PS drivers, it is possible to print the documentation.

      Problem is that this wil take about 50 minutes to spool / RIP the document. Then it takes about 20 minutes to print.

      During te first 50 minutes te printer is completely locked for printing by other users.


      So I try to print via PCL

      When spooling document via PCL it wil take about te same time (estimated) but during the first 50 minutes the machine is not locked up for other printing jobs. So it enables me to get the document to the printer and use timed print or secure print to start the actual printing outsite working hours.


      Problem with PCL is that the spool file becomes much bigger.


      PS => 2,66 GB

      PCL => printing error after spooling 3,99 GB

      first I get: The document could not be printed

      second error: There were no pages to print


      I Tried both "Render print jobs on client computers" and rendering on the server.


      Stopping at 4 GB seems like a file size limitation

      How can I get passed this limitation???


      any help / ideas for testing would be nice!!

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          radzmar MVP

          From the specs I see that you can print directly from USB-Devices.

          May this will be worth a try.


          I don't think you can speed up the process on computer side, as the file is very large and this just needs a lot of time to process.

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            colo-nl Community Member

            Printing via USB is not an option.

            The example mentioned above is not a one time only... printing should be available to every user on the network.


            It is not possible to print a file via usb stick from the usb port on the xerox machine. It is only possible via a computer connected via usb

            Not what we want for every day users.....


            But thanx for the idea.... Hope others wil follow :-)



            Speed itself is not the problem.

            I try printing via pcl because it's none blocking during the spool / rip phase

            Other sollutions, even slower, that are non blocking will also help us out!

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              radzmar MVP



              you can try to print the PDF into a file via PS to have the ripped file (*.ps) stored on the hard drive.

              Than you can send this file to the printer via a LPR Tool like this one.




              The benefit is, that the spool process does not affect the printer.

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                colo-nl Community Member

                never tried this...


                I'll try it later today and let you know....

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                  colo-nl Community Member

                  Printing to file is no problem, but getting it printed is.


                  Tried with simple notepad file and can't get it to work.

                  When using the proposed LPR Utility I get the error "Printer refused to accept the print job with error status: 1"


                  Might be related to accounting features on the printer.

                  Tried some other tools like PrintFile but it aint working.


                  Just not my day today?

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                    radzmar MVP



                    then I don't have any other ideas, sorry.

                    You should contact the Xerox support to explain that the MFP blocks all function when it processes PostScript files.

                    Ask for a firmware upgrade of the MFP and the RIP.

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                      colo-nl Community Member

                      Thanx for your support.

                      I hope someone else might have an idea.

                      If I could find a way to get passed the 4 GB limitation my problems are solved.....

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                        radzmar MVP

                        In the 32Bit world 4GB is the maximum of the addressable memory, theoretically.

                        Effectively you only can use about 3 - 3.5GB of the memory as the rest is already reserved to address the hardware and software you use.

                        This restriction applies to every 32Bit hardware (computer, MFP, printers, switches etc.).


                        The only way to use more than 4GB in one go is 64Bit.

                        But, this means you need new Hardware and Software.