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    RoboHelp Stalls

      Help me out here, folks:

      I'm using Vista with Adobe Technical Suite. We had an existing set of RoboHelp X5 files that were opened and generated to WebHelp via RoboHelp V7. So far, so good.

      Today, I tried to change the .css template on a NEW project. RH stalls and doesn't come back. Here's what happens:
      - Open New WebHelp Project
      - Add a Topic
      - Select the new/added topic file, right-click and select Properties
      - From the General Tab, find the Template drop-down; It should show (None, Create the topic using the default style sheet)
      - Click the Open Folder Icon

      From here on, RH is stalled; after 20 minutes, still nothing; Vista task manager thinks everything is OK; RoboHelp is NOT in "Not Responding" mode, except that I can't move (or close) the New Topic Properties dialog box, and I can't close RH.

      I was able to replicate this problem several times. I reinstalled Adobe Tech Comm Suite, applied all updates, and this still happens.

      Only changes this week: I have accepted MS Vista updates and an Adobe general update. I installed a MS Visio 2007 trial as well. No anti-virus/anti-spam software changes were made. I use AVG freeware antivirus software.

      Any suggestions will be welcome, thanks.