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    Keyboard shortcuts in CFB on Mac




      I work now with ColdfusionBuilder on Mac OS X and there are a few things I am missing from the Windows version. I use the latest on Mac OSX btw


      In the CF editor, I can use ctrl+Arrow left to jump one word to the left and Ctrl+Arrow right to jump one word to the right.

      A word boundary on Windows includes dots so I can travel a dot-separated string by word: "This.is.my.dot.separated.path" consists of 6 words and I am able to get to any word with ctrl-arrow (e.g. clicking twice ctrl-Arrow right brings me to "my"). On Mac the dots are discarded so the string "This.is.my.dot.separated.path" is seen as one word and I cannot jump in between dots.


      In the navigation view I can travel a hierarchical tree with the cursor keys. To expand a tree I highlight the root  folder, press arrow right and then highlight any item within the expanded tree. To collapse the tree again I press arrow-left, regardless which item in the expanded tree is currently selected.

      In CFB for Mac I can only collapse a tree this way when the root folder is highlighted. This forces me to travel to the root folder before I can collapse it.


      Small things but boring on a day-to day basis.


      Is there any fix for these?