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    My Browser crashes when Enabling My Web-Camera?

    PaulMc010 Level 1

      My web-cam is ok i think, It works on the software that came with it on my laptop. I have also Uninstalled the device software and updated it.


      If i go to this site called www.testwebcam.com it works perfectly fine on their and that uses Flash.It is just site like Ustream, TvJustin, Stickam, Omegle, Chatroulette.I have


      Unistalled Adobe flash a dozen times and Shockwave and updated them and nothing.


      If i am using IE and i try to access these site with my camera it will just close the page but if i do this on Chrome it says "The following plug in has crashed: Shockwave flash" and then will a little jigsaw un-happy face.


      If i go to Youtube.com and Right click on a video and then go to settings then Adobe Flash Setting Comes up i try to click the camera option and it crashes?


      I have a built in Camera on my laptop but it has only started doing this for not so long, It used to be fine.


      I have searched all over the Web on forums and asked so many people for help and they just dont know what it could be, If you have any idea what this problem is please let me know it would mean so much.