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    LR/ACR color mismatch with Nikon D7000 NEF files


      I recently purchased the Nikon D7000. The NEF RAW files are not supported in current versions of LR and CS5.


      Downloaded and installed LR 3.3RC. Also downloaded and installed ACR 6.3R1.


      Both work with the D7000 NEF-files with ONE exception. If I shoot a "Multiple Exposure" (one feature of the D7000)  the resulting image in both LR and ACR displays in strong "pink"/magenta. All other images display correctly.


      If I open the pink images in Nikon Capture NX2 2.2.6 they open correctly.


      If I use the White Balance tool (pipette) in LR, I can bring the image back to "almost normal" but the WB values then are Temp: 2150, Tint: -138. Conclusion: the Multi Exposure Image from the D7000 is completely mismatched by LR/ACR. But they are correctly matched by Capture NX2.


      This obviously needs to be corrected before final release.


      Has anyone else expreienced the same? Is there a workaround?