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    compression issue


      I've lost the person that assist me with some part of creating a DVD. So I'm left on my on with a small amount of turtorial. I know After effects fairly well. I've created several .mov's. They were rendered in DV/DVCPRO-NTSC. All total they're about 26gigs and is 98 minutes long.


      I've assembled those files in studio pro with necessary transitions and so on. I went to render to create a file for DVD studio pro. I felt i needed to go into compressor. I found a setting that said 120 min with m2v or 90 min AIFF. My file is 98 min. ??? what to do? I'm fairlly certain that it is AIFF. I rendered it anyway at this setting. I'm not sure if that correct and that i have the right thing for DVD studio Pro. Can you please help.